Most homeowners love their swimming pool because it keeps them cool in the heat of the summer. Unfortunately, pools require regular maintenance. A few problems that commonly occur with pools. Fortunately, many of them can be fixed without calling in an expert right away.

Algae Buildup

When the surface of your pool looks green, you’re dealing with an algae infestation of your pool. The most likely culprit is a low level of chlorine. Fortunately, this can be easily remedied by putting in a shock treatment. If the algae infestation is severe, you may even want to use triple the amount of shock along with some algaecide. It shouldn’t take long until the water is clear again.

Clogged Filter

Pool filters have the job of cleaning out the pool. If debris starts to build up in your pool and your filter is clogged, it’s necessary to clean out the filter thoroughly. Afterward, the filter should be ready to clean the pool again, so this is really not as much of a problem as it may seem. A clogged filter just shows that the filter is doing its job and keeping the pool free of debris.

Murky Water

Pool water should be clear to the point where you can easily see the bottom of the pool. If your pool is looking murky, the pH levels of your pool are probably off. Rain can affect the pH of your pool, especially if the rain is acidic. Fortunately, adjusting the pH level isn’t difficult, although it may take a little while until the water is clear again.

Unusual Stains

Stains at the bottom of the pool can happen at times. It could have to do with high mineral levels. You can add some pH decrease on a cloth and try rubbing the stain. If it comes off, then the mineral levels were probably at fault. If it doesn’t work, you can try again using a chlorine stick instead. If the pool stain doesn’t go away, you must hire an experienced pool contractor to take a look at soon as possible to avoid having the stain set and stick around forever.

Technical Problems

Since the pool requires technical equipment to keep it clean and safe to use, it’s not unusual to run into problems with your pool pump. It’s best to find Teraju Pool Specialist keep the pump running efficiently and maintain valves, barriers, and other parts. If you have any questions about backwash or caulking, or notice a problem with the air relief valve, it’s also a good idea to call an expert instead of trying to fix the problem yourself. Your pool is too valuable of an investment to put it at risk with DIY repairs.

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